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Members of our team frequently tell us how our vibrating sprays have had a positive effect on their health and well-being, and have contributed to their quality of life. We would like to share these inspiring stories and stories from happy customers with you. Here we have compiled some personal testimonials. Find out for yourself.

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The following stories are exclusively from people who are personally known by at least one person from our team. Each of the testimonials below can be verified at any time.

Female from Darmstadt

I used the body spray when I had severe knee pains. Thanks to hourly spraying, the pain went away after a few hours, but the water on the knee remained the same.

Female from Sarstedt

I had a burn on my thigh, caused by hot tea. The diameter was about 8 centimetres. I treated the wound by applying the sensitive body spray several times a day. The wound healed quickly and evenly, and the scab healed without any soreness.

Female from Diekholzen

I used the mouth spray three times a day after cleaning my teeth, due to gum problems. Although a previously inserted dental implant dropped out after the 5-day application period, no wounds could be seen. My gums looked fully intact.

4-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback dog (female) (SIS)

She’d had a bald patch on her tail since she was a puppy. / I sprayed it 3 times a day over 4 days. / The fur has grown back.

Dog from Bamberg

10-year-old mongrel. Last year, his right front paw was seriously injured in a traffic accident. His distal phalanx was removed, and he had stitches in several places. He often had trouble walking. In February this year, he received 10-needle acupuncture treatment from an animal physiotherapist, and that put an end to the limping. It has since started again, because he recently had to do a lot of walking during a pilgrimage. I therefore started to apply the body spray (contains alcohol) on the affected areas. After 5 days of spraying, he had already made a 90% improvement, and he had almost made a full recovery after a week.

Male from Giesen

I had severe eczema in my armpits, on my neck and on my face. / I sprayed the sensitive spray 3-5 times a day and applied body lotion 2x a day for 4 days, and the skin made a great improvement. The scabs healed and the red patches disappeared. But then after a week, everything flared up again... My skin was worse when I didn’t use the products... I’d stopped using them too soon.

Female from Giesen

After tooth surgery, everything was swollen and I was in pain. I had circulatory/stomach problems which were caused by painkillers and antibiotics. I used the mouth spray every 30 minutes and later 3x a day. The bruising subsided the next day, and there was only a little bit of swelling.

Same customer... An area on arm was punctured by the cannula. The arm was heavily bruised (it looked like blood poisoning)... I sprayed the mouth spray on it... it did not develop, and the bruising cleared up.

Female from Salzhemmendorf

I had common cold symptoms, which came quickly and violently and were treated just as quickly by spraying my face and bronchial tubes 3 times a day initially, and then 2 times a day and later 1x on an evening before going to bed.

As soon as I noticed an improvement, I automatically applied the spray less often.

I had a large blister on my foot, which I sprayed several times a day up to 4 times for about 1 week, and then only in the evening before going to bed.

It healed without signs of inflammation (after about 10 days).

Female from Diekholzen

I was scared and anxious when driving. Since I started applying the energy spray / mouth spray, I have had a greater sense of space and distance, and less fear.

Female from Berlin

I had severe neurodermatitis on my hands and arms... after applying the sensitive body spray for just 5 weeks, my skin looked 10 years younger.

Female from Giesen

“Thanks to TeamOne, my ear has made a full recovery.

In February 2015, I suddenly had a very bad dizzy spell. I feared that it was a heart attack, but the otologist told me that it was due to a failure of the vestibular (the nervous system behind the ear, a balance organ). According to my otologist and the Internet, this is irreparable, and it was probably triggered by shingles. In the first few months, I visited a chiropractor several times in the hope that it had been caused by a trapped nerve... but I didn’t have any success until the summer. The dizziness was a bit better (because the other side probably tries to retain balance), but it remained in many situations.

Since November, I have been spraying my neck and ear with the sensitive body spray. For two weeks, I had a slight ear ache (around my cheek bones). Since then, the dizziness has become less and less frequent! No more loss of balance. Here’s proof!!! Everything is ok again!!! Both nervous systems work as they ought to. My otologist has never seen anything like it.”.

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